What is Mobsfun? 

We offer consumers an opportunity to participate into the Mobsfun competition service and have a chance on winning all kinds of valuable prizes. You can participate and have a chance on winning prizes based on your own skill and knowledge. The name of the quiz competition service is Mobsfun.

Do I need to subscribe? 

Once you have subscribed to the Mobsfun competition service (£4.50 per week until you send STOP to 65001) you can access the quiz competition service weekly per premium sms text.  The service operates with a PIN code prior to the start of the service in order to activate the service. The PIN code is delivered and secured by an independent third party. Every premium sms text contains a direct link to the quiz questions. There are 10 new quiz questions every 7 days/week until you unsubscribe by texting STOP to 65001 or by contacting our customer service department via e-mail, telephone or voice mail.

The price of £4.50 per week is added to the phone bill or deducted from the prepaid card. The prize winners are notified personally. The service is performed on mobile device and desktop.

Free entry method?

Send an e-mail with your name, phone number and (kid of) prize you want to play for to [email protected] No subscription is necessary to participate or win a prize, and a subscription purchase will not increase your chances of winning.


Call 01206699121  (local rate, open 9.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays).

For more information, please do contact us by e-mail [email protected] .